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8 MUSTS for a Child Friendly Wedding

You are planning the most important day of your life, and its all about you. However there are some little people who will be at your wedding who could either make it or break it… Your kids.

The entire day can be a bit overwhelming, and at the same time incredibly boring for children, they have bundles of energy and a NEED to play. Weddings aren’t designed for children as such, and you shouldn’t have to change your whole day to fit around them, however here are some top tips to keep them entertained.

1. Hire a Child-Friendly Magician

There are loads of magicians to choose from, but there are many who will happily tell you they are there for the adults. I choose to entertain both the Adults and the Children, with incredible close up magic, and am more of a family entertainer. Much as my magic is mind-blowing for adults, there is plenty of fun for children too, and during the photographs it will keep them amused whilst parents relax, enjoy drinks and are not pestered by their little ones.

Hiring a magician who is comfortable around all ages will make your wedding EXTRA special

2. Have a kids table

During the meal put all the kids on one table, I can provide you with FREE Wedding packs which kids love, with games, colouring and quizzes inside, which all relates to weddings and the big day. It’s a lovely little something for them to keep too to remind them of the day… Pop some toys on the table and the kids will happily play, but remember, they may want to go back to their parents too for a little reassurance or because they miss them.

3. Magic Show during the speeches

Most venues have a separate area to take the kids to during the speeches. This is a huge part of the day, and it can be ruined by children screaming, running about and shouting (because although for you it is entertaining, fun and very special, for them it is really dull, and they NEED to be stimulated) My show solves this problem, its filled with magic, puppets, hilarious games, and even a mini disco for 90 minutes.

Children Enjoying 'The Magic Frostie Show' during the speeches

4. Balloons

Kids love balloons, and it is a special time to celebrate. Before the evening guests arrive I can make the children some incredible balloon creations which they will love. No swords or guns as these send children extra hyper. Think wonderful twisty hats, flowers, and octopuses.

Colourful and creative balloon art for children at weddings

5. Bespoke close up magic

I’ll get to know you as a bride and groom, and get you both to fill in a little questionnaire. No two weddings are the same, and so neither is my magic… I have themed my magic towards Disney, Harry Potter, Zombies and even Pandas! By getting to know you really well I am able to create something personal and wonderful and leave you with a little personal gift too, the kids will love watching the magic happen to you, as much as they love being part of it.

Magic Frostie performs 'Greatest Showman' themed magic at Carly and Pete's Wedding

6. Someone to watch the kids

You aren’t going to be spending all your time with your children on your wedding day.. You’ll be taken off here there and everywhere for photos or to talk to people. With this in mind its good to have a family member or responsible friend to watch over the kids (for us it was our parents) making sure they are okay, taking them to the toilet if needed. I have known even a childminder to be bought into a wedding (A children’s entertainer is not a childminder and has a very different skill set) although I usually think a family member can do just as good a job if they are happy to.

7. Spend some time with them

Even though it is all about you, the memories will last forever, and you want your kids involved in the too. Take a moment to spend some time with your kids and share something special with them, after all you’ll never have this day again.

Happiest day of my life, with my family!

8. Have a back-up plan

Giving your child a responsibility is a great idea, a ring bearer, bridesmaid or flower girl. Not only will your children look adorable, but they will also feel a real part of the day. But remember they may also get overwhelmed and not want to do it at the last minute, rather than push them to do the job, it is better just to say okay, and have a back-up plan. No one wants a 3 year old’s giant tantrum in the middle of their service!

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