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Family Festivals are back!

Over the past 484 days life in entertainment has been pretty tricky, especially in an industry which relies on fairly large crowds. When I performed at my first festival back in 2018 as a host/ compere and magician I knew it was the perfect place for me to be. I love the vibe of festivals, and I think it is important for family festivals to go ahead, and for more grown-up festivals to embrace and encourage families to come along, so children can enjoy the overall feeling of a festival itself.

For me bouncing around on that stage performing a bit of magic or ventriloquism, singing a daft song or simply just getting the crowd excited for the next act is where I feel most alive.

Of course these sorts of festivals have not been able to go ahead with the covid-19 pandemic, and rightly so. But over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to host, compere, present and perform shows at real life festivals again.

First I was invited to perform at WhizzFizz Fest in Aylesbury. A children’s literacy festival, which was attended by Sir Michael Morpurgo, and Artemis Fowl author , Eion Colfer.

To be amongst such big names in the literacy world was amazing, as I wrote, and published my own children’s story over lockdown; Milo Swan and the Great Diamond Heist (you can get your copy here). But this wasn’t my main reason for attending, I was back performing in front of audiences again, and it was an absolute tonic to be doing so.

My show has changed a lot over the years, since humble beginnings of shop bought magic tricks, to now being a creative, colourful world that exists inside my own head. With custom made puppets, cartoon style magic that I’ve designed and created myself, hilarious silly catchy songs which I have written with fantastic song writers. It means you really can’t find another show like it, it's somewhere between the wonderful world of the Loony Tunes and Pee-Wee's Playhouse. I was proud to perform it amongst the streets of Aylesbury.

The following week I was in Brentwood for Razz Fest, a children’s dance festival. This time I was host and compere, introducing each dance troupe to the stage with an audience of around 350. I also went back to my routes as a DJ for the evening and played a short set into the night. The party atmosphere was incredible, and after so long not performing to a crowd in a field, it’s a memory I’ll treasure forever!

Then this week was the big one. Family Fun Fest in Trinity Park, Suffolk. I performed three hour sets on the main stage, starting with a singalong show to get everyone in the mood for some fun, bouncing about on the stage, leaping off of it in 30 degrees heat, and jumping up on to picnic tables amongst the crowds to really get that party going.

I followed this with The Magic Frostie Show, and then went into my new show Little Rockers, a pop punk party for parents to enjoy with their children. It was so much fun. Singing, getting people waving their hands in the air, and just making sure everyone had the best time ever!

Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve missed out on Festivals, despite what the newspapers may want you to believe there are festivals going ahead this year. I’ll be hosting and compereing at Kids Rock Festival in Kent on 21st August, and I’ll be performing throughout the day at Beacontree100 Festival on 14th and 15th August.

Other exciting news is my own Festival, ‘Frostival’ that I am putting on next year 28th May. The ultimate family festival, headlined by Basil Brush and with a whole host of the very best UK entertainers I have met over the years of performing at festivals, and exceptional activities, Tickets for Frostival are available HERE, and my promise is that once you buy a ticket, you don’t have to pay for anything inside except food and drink. Every activity is 100% included, something I think is missing from this type of day out that I want to try and change!

I can’t wait for all the excitement, energy and general buzz of future festivals I am performing at and my own Frostival, and I hope to see you at one soon!

Stay Magic,


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