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Hey there. So most of my blogs are about what I can do for you at your big events, weddings and even kids parties. But I thought I would share a little bit about me, my life, my experience and let you get to know me a bit better.

I should say where I am from first and foremost. I’m not an Essex boy although have spent the last few years living in Billericay with my gorgeous wife and two children. I’m actually from a tiny little village in Cheshire called Hartford. Hartford was a bit of a boring place to grow up. Nothing ground breaking ever really happened there, and I was a bit of a geek and loved magic. Every spare penny got would go on magic tricks or puppets.

Magic Frostie teenage years!

On Saturdays I used to attend a group called stagecoach, where I would spend an hour singing, an hour dancing and an hour doing drama. I had some amazing experiences as a teenager from appearing in ‘The Demon Headmaster musical’ to singing to The Queen for her golden jubilee and even singing in a choir with Cliff Richard. It was a good start in the world of showbusiness.

When I was 17 I put on my first one man show, selling out my local theatre with a mixture of crooning old Sinatra songs a little bit of stand up comedy, some magic and even a little bit of tap dancing. It’s a far cry from what I do now.

I auditioned for a few different companies to become an entertainer (I was desperate to work at Butlins as a red coat) I got picked up by a man called Rodney James Piper. I will remember the day I had the phone call telling me I had to pack my bags and move to Spain for a summer season for as long as I live. I learnt so much in my time with Rodney. He had a bar called the house of illusions, and I was lucky enough to work alongside Matt Edwards (who you may have seen on ‘Britains Got Talent’ a few years ago) and the wonderful Wayne Goodman, who I struck up a great friendship with.

Thats me in the yellow and green, as you can see my fahsin sense isnt much better

Wayne introduced me to the world of Penn and Teller, and when I wasn’t working I would be spending time with the resident magicians of the House of Illusions and absorbing as much information as I could. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and in November I left Salou to come back to the UK.

The following year I found myself working for Thomas Cook, in a ‘coat style’ entertainer job. I spent my first season in Corfu, and performed everything from singing and dancing shows, to kids mini discos, gameshows and even bingo. This is something I still do now. I spent a few years working for Thomas Cook, before ending my journey with them in Ibiza. Some of the things you’ll see in my shows today are ideas I had back when I worked for Thomas Cook, and its great to still be performing them. Whilst I was working for Thomas Cook my magic went on the back burner a little, whilst I concentrated more on singing and dancing and these wonderful gameshows. I had decided maybe I didn’t need a company behind me, and so in a leap of faith I jumped on a plane to Portugal where I thought I would set myself up as an entertainer.

Team Ibiza 2008 (The Dream Team)

I had 2 weeks in a hotel, and no return flight booked. So I walked down the strip and walked from bar to bar asking if they needed an entertainer. It wasn’t long (maybe around an hour) before I had found myself a job working in a fun pub called paradise, it was my first job out there before I settled in a bar as the resident entertainer called ‘blue star’. I have so many fond memories of Blue Star, and I would perform songs, have a whole load of costumes to dress up in, have karaoke, perform comedy sketches, do quizzes and even rekindled my love for magic.

After 5 or so years working in Portugal I jumped on a plane and moved to London and got myself a job in Hamleys toy shop working as a magic demonstrator, alongside the legendry Yoni Markus. Yoni taught me how to really entertain as a magician and had such a wonderful energy about him. When he passed away I was very lucky to inherit some of his magic, and some of it you will still see in the show now.

Yoni and I wirking for Marvins Magic

I worked my way through Marvins Magic, becoming a manager, but I found this a tricky job. I was very passionate about performing magic, but not so much about writing rotas for other members of staff to perform, and I really wanted to go off and do my own shows, and so I left Marvins Magic, but not forever as I still do the odd thing now and again for them, and Hamleys I find myself at more and more than ever these days performing for their VIP parties on a Saturday night and Sunday morning when the store is closed to the public.

I met Amy, My Wife, and we have two wonderful children. I thought it would be fun for the kids to have a book about my puppets and so the book that you see given out in the shows was really written for my own little people, but I hope that others like it too.

So that brings me pretty much up to date. Over the past 5 years I have pushed my little business as much as possible to be where I want it, and I think it improves day in and day put with new ideas. We now have four different entertainment concepts we can supply

The Magic Frostie Show.

Ziggy, the Interactive Animatronic Puppet.

Close up Magician Chris Frost.

Elf Hire UK, The worlds greatest Christmas magic show.

And just around the corner we have a brand new concept called professor Zooplankton and Jojo the Mystic Ape.

I have also recently started lecturing other magicians and children’s entertainers on how to make their shows the best possible, and this year am working up in Scotland at a magic convention with my own lecture explaining how I supersize my effects and theme my shows.

Anyway… that’s me. I hope you enjoyed reading!

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