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Move over Baby Shark...Why your kids are going to love this tribute to 80's Pop Rock and Black Lace!

I'll be honest, the first time I heard The Baby Shark I said I will never, not in a million years put that absolute rubbish anywhere near my show, yet somehow kids resonate with it, and expect it at a party, and so (against my better judgement) it's gone into the disco, and kids DO love it.

Blasting out ZIp Zap Zoo

There are better songs though. I worked for years abroad, bouncing from one European holiday resort to another and perfoming kids mini discos for Thomas Cook, and with this in mind I know some of the very best Party Dances are actually from the 80s and 90s, including (but not limited to) Hold your Head, Star Trekkers, Big Fish Little Fish and my favourite The Cartoon Heroes.

In all my time of listening and dancing to these songs however, I NEVER expected to write my own. Then one day I wrote a children's story about my puppets in my show called ZIGGYS MAGICAL ADVENTURE, and it sort of led to writing a song.

My magic words for my family show, ended up with dance moves, and before I knew it Zip Zap Zoo was born. I teamed up with local songwriter and musician Chris Hobart and together we put together something which is a sort of mixture of Black Lace meets Bon Jovi meets Bruce Springsteen a sort of 80s soft rock party dance!

There is no auto-tune but it's a good fun party dance you can enjoy with your kids, and its far less annoying than the blasted baby shark song...

You can listen to it with


SPOTIFY (which for some reason I cant link)

I wonder if we can get it into the top 40... I mean surely it's got to be better than Baby Shark?

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