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My Magic Heroes

Sometimes when I’m chatting to people, they ask me who my favourite magician is. The thing is I have a whole load of favourite magicians, there are only a few magicians who are ‘well known’ and so in this blog I hope to introduce to into my world of magic and tell you a few of my magic heroes.

· Marvin Berglas

You’ve probably heard of the company Marvin’s Magic. But did you know the man behind the magic. As a child I think I had pretty much every Marvin’s Magic trick possible, and it certainly put me on the path to being the magician I am today.

At the age of 25 things from my childhood came full circle and I started working for Marvin’s Magic in prestigious stores across London, and really learnt my trade. Without Marvin’s Magic there wouldn’t be a Magic Frostie!

· Bruce Smtih

Whilst working for Marvin at Hamleys I was lucky enough to work alongside the Marvin’s Magic training manager ‘Bruce Smith’. Bruce is an absolute encyclopaedia of magic and has worked with some of the best in the business. His skills taught me so much in my time working with him, and I am in awe of him everytime I chat to him. Bruce Smith is an absolute hero to so many magicians, and has trained up most of the magicians I know.

· Rodney James Piper

When I was 17 I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to move to Spain by Rodney James Piper. I was young and very inexperienced, but somehow Rodney must have seen something in me. Rodney owns ‘The House of Illusions’ a fantastic cabaret based in Salou. I went this year to visit and it has changed a lot since my late teens. The House of Illusions is an absolute must for anyone on holiday in Salou or the surrounding areas, it’s a showstopping spectacular.

· Wayne Goodman

Wayne Goodman was also working in Salou back all those years ago. I used to spend days off with Wayne watching magic shows on DVD, as well as some very good films. He made the best Oreo Milkshakes and I loved every minute I spent with him, Wayne showed me that I could be a magician and introduced me into the world of magic I now love. Wayne isn’t just a fantastic magician, he’s also a great bloke!

· Matt Edwards

You may remember Matt from Britain’s Got Talent a couple of years ago. I was fortunate enough to see Matt’s show every week back when I worked in Salou, his relentless energy and pure professionalism is something I have always looked up to. He is quick. He is funny. Quite simply he is brilliant. I try to channel that energy for my own performances. Matt is a more than a magician, he’s just so damn entertaining ALL THE TIME!

· Spencer Lynch

When I decided this was the path I wanted to go down, I had two children of my own and wanted to make sure that I could go forward and support my family doing nothing but being a magician. Spencer Lynch contacted me via facebook, Spence is Liverpool Football Clubs resident magician. We went out for a few drinks and with a notepad, and he helped me work out how to turn my passion into a business.

So there you have it. My heroes of magic. 6 magicians, not famous as such, but that inspired or helped me on my journey to become a professional magician, whether through helping me with the business side of the magic, inspiring my creativity or pushing me to become a better performer. Without these magicians there wouldn’t be a Magic Frostie, so a huge thanks goes out to these guys!

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