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My Tee-rific new venture won't drive you CRAZY!

Since I was a child I have loved crazy golf. Summer Holidays were spent in Southsea, and some of my fondest childhood memories come from 3 crazy golf courses. My Dad has always been a keen golfer, and it was always hilarious to see him getting frustrated at the fact that despite his obvious skill at playing golf, crazy golf seemed something he was entirely useless at.

I’ve never grown out of a love for crazy golf, I enjoy it as much adult as I ever did as a child, if not more. There is something about it that makes it oozes fun, brings loads of laughter and makes it one of the best activities to enjoy together.

I woke up on the 30th June 2020 with an idea in my head. Sometimes I get these ideas, obsessions and I just have to act on them. That’s what has made me a driving force in the family entertainment industry over the past few years, it’s not just about having ideas, its about acting on them.

Anyway, on that fateful morning I woke up, thinking I could build my very own crazy golf. What a wonderful thing to be able to offer to my customers, perfect entertainment for weddings, brilliant for office Christmas parties, and universally loved by both adults and children. I quickly got drawing up plans and work out the different themes I wanted for each hole. Over the next month my ever patient wife and I got building this unique golf course. My wife is a brilliant painter and shared my vision, and before long we had made our first hole.

We have made nine entirely unique holes in total.

· The Dragon’s Keep

· Mystic Mountain

· The Big Cheese

· The Fairy Village

· Ready, Set, Go

· Jurassic Desert

· Easter Island

· The Zig Zag

· Space Wreck

You will not find these ANYWHERE else.

If you’d like to know more about how you can hire Frostie Entertainment’s Crazy Golf Course contact me today for more information.

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