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Solving 'The Santa Problem'

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

It may seem absolutely bonkers to start thinking about Christmas already. But that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been doing… In fact, strangely its very rare that I’m not thinking about it… You see as a magician and entertainer I think it really is the most magical time of the year.

Magical Elf Visits

There is something incredible about sparkling lights, Christmas trees and decorating your home. Waking up each morning to open a tiny window in a countdown to Christmas and getting a small chocolate. And of course presents appearing under the tree from a magical man who rides a sleigh drawn by flying reindeer. That’s why I aim to make my Christmas season the most wonderful magical time not just for me and my family, but for my customers too.

Frostie the Elf and Leslie Joseph

Do you know what though? Over the past few years with my own children I have struggled with Father Christmas. Taking my Children to meet this legendary character is tricky, the reason why is because they see him everywhere. The school’s christmas fair has their caretaker dressed up as Father Christmas, you can visit Father Christmas at the local shopping centre, He was walking down the road at a local street fair AND in a grotto at the same time. I'm not saying you shouldn't take your children to see Father Christmas. Just to try and see a decent Father Christmas and to try not to see more than one!. The problem with Father Christmas is quite simply that he is over exposed, which makes him less and less magical each time a child sees him. Of course there is only ONE Father Christmas, every child knows this and it means that when they see all these other ones they believe in the real one less and less.

Too many Santas

So how do you solve this problem? Well, I believe I have worked it out… Elves.

Elves are a workforce, a magical race of mythical creatures who roam amongst us, hidden in plain sight, it doesn’t matter how many of them there are. Always watching, all year to report back to the big man in red. With this in mind Frostie The Elf came about, a festive, magical character with a believable backstory, only available for a very limited time from mid-November to December 24th.

Frostie the Elf at Wickford Christmas Fair

Everything about Frostie The Elf is thought through. Frostie looks like an elf, wearing a beautiful green velvet jacket, with red lapels covered in tiny stars. Frostie smells like candy canes and bubblegum giving your child a sensory experience. Frostie’s Wallet is even filled with Elvin Gold, which is a wonderful giveaway your child will absolutely treasure all year round, these coins feel like real money and are the highest quality possible.

Elfin gold is a magical gift for any child to treasure

In Frostie’s incredible one to one house visits your child can be lucky enough to have anything from their advent calendar delivered all the way up to theatre tickets or even a visit to Lapland where they will get to meet the real Father Christmas, of course I can just come and spend time with your child, showing them some incredible elf magic which will leave them with a twinkle in their eye and filled with Christmas delight.

Frostie the Elf suprising two young ladies!

Throughout the morning of 24th December Frostie The Elf can even deliver your child’s Christmas Eve box, and make a huge fuss of them.

No matter what you decide for your visit every child ends up with an Elfin gold coin and a certificate from the desk of Father Christmas so they know they are on the ‘NICE’ list. Make your child have the best Christmas ever, and book them an experience they’ll never forget.

Frostie The Elf

Frostie the Elf can also provide Magical Christmas 60 minute shows filled with hilarious puppets, gameshows and of course Mind-Blowing Magic (or even a 2 hour Christmas Party with Magic Show and Festive Mini Disco and Games) To find out more just CLICK HERE!

Children enjoying Frostie the Elf's Christmas Show

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