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9 Presents for under £10 and 1 which is FREE!

It's Saturday Morning and you are all ready to take your child off to a birthday party, when you realise... You forgot to buy a present and quickly stuff a £10 note into a card... It's unimaginative, boring and costing you a small fortune over the year.

The Entertainer is my favourite place to buy bargain pressies that will look amazing and kids will love. Find a little place at home to store these toys and you’ll never have that Saturday Morning Panic again!

1.The Egg Game -£5.00

I love this game so much that I have even put it into my show. Kids and Adults will adore it, not only will you be buying an awesome present , but you’ll be giving parents and children super fun bonding time over a game .

The Entertainer sell three different types – Egg Splat, Egg Slime Splat and Egged On.

I love this Egg Game so much it's in my show

2.Magic - £5.50

Obviously I love magic, that’s why I do it for a job. ‘Jacks Magic Magician Set’ contains easy magic for children to do, which will improve their confidence and performance skills, and make them the star of their very own show, and it’s a total bargain.

Magic is a great confidence booster

3. Magicians Great Escape- £6.00

Remember ‘Pop up Pirate’? Well guess what, the people at Play & Win have re-imagined it with a fantastic new version, where a cartoon magician must escape from the box before the final sword goes inside. Save the Magician and win the game!

Pop up Magician!

4. Hook a Poo! -£5.00

It’s brown, it’s sticky, its gross… but for some reason our kids are absolutely obsessed with it and think its hilarious… This Game incorporates Poo, hook a duck and bath time… what’s not to love?

I think its gross... but kids love it

5.Super Hero Lego - £9.00

Lego is the worlds most popular toy and superheroes is one of the most popular themes for parties I see. Marvel has captured the imaginations of our little people I even have a superhero magic trick in my shows your kids will love. The Entertainer stock loads of affordable priced Marvel Comic present ideas my favourite is this Lego Spiderman Car chase.

Everything is AWESOME

6.Cuddly Unicorns - £5.00

Alongside superheroes the other big theme I see a lot is Unicorns, these fantastic beasts can be found in the cuddly toy aisle or The Entertainer and come as traditional unicorn, or unicorn of the sea!


Narwhal (Unicorn of the Sea)

7. The Gift of a Pet - £5.00

Every child who doesn’t have a pet wants one, these pet hamsters are great. You don’t need to feed them, they never bite and they don’t poo everywhere! The entertainer will also help you out with the batteries you need.

Easy to care for pets!

8. Food for thought - £8.00

It’s only a matter of time until I get this into my shows… it’s an absolutely hilarious family party game which everyone will love you for buying (even Mum and Dad when the kids are in bed) if you don’t buy it for someone else, buy for yourself!

Sooooo Much Fun

9. Elsa and Ana Return - £7.50

In November 22nd children across the country are going to go mad for Frozen 2, so stock up now on your Ana and Elsa related presents whilst they are still at bargain prices. I love this Disney Frozen Party Maker. Perfect for kids who love Frozen and Arts and Crafts. In fact lets make sure we stock up on them for our own kids for Christmas too.

Frozen 2 hits screens in the UK on 22nd November stock up now!

10. Being There – FREE

Don’t feel bad if you are struggling to buy a present, we live in uncertain times and parents struggle… anyone who cares about whether you got their child a present or not doesn’t matter (you don’t need that kind of person in your life) the most important thing to our children is that their friends are there to celebrate their birthdays and share the memories together.

All our kids really need is their friends at their party

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