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Welcome to Cartoon-Ville

Children and family entertainers up and down the country are known and loved for their questionable taste in garish clothing, muddled up magic, and chaotic confusion.

I wanted to rewrite the ‘rules’ of family entertainment a little, and pull apart the shows I have done previously to create something more magical, fun and enjoyable for both children and adults alike. Over the past year I’ve rewritten and redesigned classic and traditional ideas in the world of magic, puppetry and theatre to create a fresh, new look for my family variety shows.

At the start of my show I take a step away from reality and invite you into my own little world. Although it’s never referenced within the show (or at least not at the time of writing) I believe my show takes place in an alternative, imaginary world called Cartoon-ville. Inspired by my love for Warner Brother’s Animanics, Tiny Toon Adventures and Loony Toons. This gives me the opportunity for loads of chaotic comedy, and magical madness.

I’m a massive fan of Tim Minchin and ‘Weird’ Al Yankovich so I decided to write some comedy musical performances for my show. Again I wanted these to be something which I loved, so I was inspired by some of my favourite artists. So the songs in my show range from a Blink 182 style pop-punk song about pants, an 80’s rock song about magic and even an Elton John style love song dedicated to cheese.

Talking of cheese there is a new member of the crew, in the form of fun loving alien from the planet Gorgonzola, ‘The Cheese Monster’! She’s cheeky, a little naughty and of course obsessed with cheese.

My mind is constantly working on new routines, ideas and jokes for the show tol make it an even wackier, magical and zany experience for my audience. One thing is for sure, you won't see another show like this from anyone else!

Drop me a line if you like the sound of what I do. And perhaps I can put on an unforgettable show for you!

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