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What Happens at a Magic Frostie Party?

A Magic Frostie party is a little bit different to a normal children’s party. In this blog I explain exactly what happens in a Magic Frostie Party which makes it the best party possible for your child.

1. Initial Contact.

Upon contacting me I’ll email you an invoice and Terms and Conditions. These protect you and me and are an understanding of the time, date, venue etc. I’ll then send you in the post some of my very own invites, which include a cartoon version of Myself, Ziggy and Balloons and are perfect to give out to all of your child’s friends. I’ll give you my phone number meaning you can call me or email me at any time you have a question.

An introduction for all your childrens friends before they meet me!

2. The Week of the party.

Ill drop you a quick message or give you a call to put you at ease so you know that I am all prepared for the big day… I’ll also send you a link to another blog I’ve written (This one) explaining how to make everything run smoothly… Don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s a children’s party, and you’ll enjoy it much more if you are seeing your child laughing and having fun with their friends, than sitting in the kitchen (so will other parents, so invite them along too)

I'll call you before the party (once I manage to stop Ziggy playing with the duck tape)

3. Arrival.

I aim to arrive around 30 minutes before the party starts… It doesn’t take me 30 minutes to set up, it takes me about 5 minutes, but I like to be there early… It means if I get stuck in traffic then it doesn’t matter, as I’ll still be able to get there on time. But it also means I get to say hello to the birthday child and get to know them a little better, pop some music on and help you set up the room.

I meet the kids before the show!

4. The Show.

The first 60 minutes of the party is The Magic Frostie Show. It’s far more than just a magic show, I genuinely believe it is one of the best family fun shows in the UK. It includes lots of fun comedy which children and parents can both enjoy together. The Magic is what I call ‘Real’ magic, you wont find anything here you would be able to do yourself, or that the kids can work out. There are 4 incredible puppets, and lots of ventriloquism and comedy moments, and an ongoing joke throughout the show to win an incredible star prize with 3 ludicrous gameshows which the birthday child will win against the adults at the end of the show.

Performing with Ziggy on stage!

5. The Birthday Cake

After around 15 minutes for the kids to eat (They don’t usually need any more time than this) it’s time for the cake presentation. I’ll get the birthday child in front of anyone, and get everyone singing along to the birthday song, meaning you’ll get to film the whole thing and have a memory to remember forever.

nom nom nom

6. Party Game Time

I’ve spent a long time choosing the best party games to play with the children, and have my own take on classic games such as musical statues and other traditional games, there are dance offs that the kids will love filled with songs they’ll know. I finish the dance off, with a kids Vs grown ups version of the Hokey Cokey, which everyone enjoys together.

Everyone loves the Hokey Cokey

7. Farewells

At the end of the party it’s time for me to go, however I do give your child a unique birthday present, a rhyming story book all about the puppets they have met in the magic show. It’s written by me, illustrated by my wife and professionally printed. I’ll write a little message in the inside cover for the birthday child.

A perfet bedtime story for the end of an exciting day!

If you have any special requests for your child's party, don’t hesitate to ask, just give me a call on 07774838318 or drop mean email

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