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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

The date is 27th November 2019. I’m absolutely exhausted, I’m sat on the sofa, snuggled up with my wife watching Corrie on the telly. It’s been a tricky bedtime with the kids, because they didn’t want to go to brush their teeth tonight, and this is worth a big argument which in the end results in them having to brush their teeth anyway (if you’ve got kids you’ll know the pain, it may not be brushing teeth but they’ll be a hurdle to tackle everyday.)

Anyway, kids are asleep, we are watching Corrie, and tucking into a yummy chicken dinner. Both of us are absolutely exhausted. You see last week Myself, Amy and the Kids zipped off to Disneyland Paris for 3 days, if you’ve not been you should go, but be warned, its no holiday. You’ll end up absolutely exhausted as you bounce from ride to character meet and greets to shows and from one park to another, and by the end of it you’ll need to take some time to relax.

I followed this by the next day driving to Milton Keynes where I was compering the opening night of a new Christmas event ‘WinterlandMK’ it was a great night with East 17 headlining to make everyone feel extra Christmassy, but it did mean that I didn’t get in until 1:30am. Then I had two parties on the Saturday, and spent the Sunday at ‘Wickford at Christmas’ probably my favourite Christmas market locally, where I was booked to be a walkabout elf, and to do several turns on the stage. Now don’t get me wrong I love my job, and my energy never faulters when I’m performing… but once I stop it hits me like a brick wall, so after a full on week of Disney followed by events I’m really enjoying having a cup of tea in front of the telly with my wife.

Anyway time goes on and my phone buzzes. It’s a whatsapp message from DJAJ

‘Where are you?’

I start to panic… Am I meant to be somewhere? If so where? Another Buzz..

‘We are at Orsett Hall, it’s the Essex Wedding Awards’

Whoops… I forgot all about this. A few months ago I became a finalist in the Essex Wedding Awards for ‘Best Entertainment Non-Musical’ I didn’t really think about it since then because I thought it highly unlikely that I’d win, and I hadn’t attended the awards themselves as I knew that I had a lot on and I didn’t want to overdo it.

‘I’m not going mate, I won’t win anything, and I’m exhausted at the moment, it’s a busy time of year coming up for me and I need to make sure I get all the rest I can.’

Anyway Amy and Me carried on watching Corrie, and then the Apprentice, when suddenly my phone went wild. I had Whatsapps from several wedding suppliers.

‘Where are you’

‘Such a shame you’re not here’

‘You’ve won’

It took me a couple of seconds to register that last one… I’d won?

So there you have it, whilst I sat at home watching the telly I won this award. Stacey, a photographer I have worked with, picked up the award for me and bought it back to my house. I’m delighted to have been recognised by the wedding industry at being good at what I do!

You see, I know there are loads of non-musical entertainment options you can have at your wedding I work with lots of them on a frequent basis, from caricature artists (such as Steve Hearn who is in my opinion the best in the business) to adult bouncy castles, cocktail entertainers, firework displays, balloon artisits and even R2D2 (I’ve worked alongside a whole host of Star Wars characters at someone’s wedding) so to win an award like this is really exciting.

Also I am not your ‘normal magician’ the amount of people I talk to who say they have seen a magician at a wedding and then tell me he took their ring, made it disappear and then found it in their wallet is crazy.

Either everyone is seeing the same magician (which I find hard to believe) or lots of magicians are doing the same things (which I find much easier to believe).

Personally I try to make my magic as different and unique as possible. I’ll make pandas appear from fire, I’ll tell you what Disney character you are thinking of and rather than me finding your card I’ll get ‘Stitch’ my toy mouse to do it, basically I’ll provide you with some of the most ludicrous and fun magic possible.

I am also very proud that I entertain the kids at your wedding. There are tons of magicians who don’t like kids, they don’t want to do weddings where there are loads of kids. I actively encourage you to have the whole of your family there including your kids. Whilst the speeches are on I can take them off to a separate area and give them their very own private kids party. Meaning they get to let off some steam and you have the peace and quiet needed for this special part of your day.

Earlier this year a nine year old girl called Layla told me “You’re like a superhero, saving kids lives from boring weddings” it’s stuff like that that makes my job worth doing. You see weddings can be really dull for kids, and knowing they have something to look forward to gives them more reason to behave throughout the entire day.

It’s nice to be recognised for the unique stuff I do, because I expect NOT to win and for one of these guys that takes your ring and makes it disappear to get it. I am fully aware that most of what I do is total nonsense from an eccentric brain that has impossible ideas, and then works out a way of doing it, so it’s fab that I know I’m on the right path and you enjoy what I do… I guess that is what the award is for.

I’ve got some really exciting and bonkers ideas going forward for 2020, so if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you can find out more about what I have in store, they are some of the craziest yet. You never know you may want to book them for your wedding!

Thanks once again for your continued support!

Magically Yours


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