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Take a popcorn kernel and put it in your hand, heat it up using magic and the popcorn POPS and becomes a piece of popcorn. But wait, there's more it has transformed in to the character that they are thinking of!



Lovingly made by Frostie, this trick is of both the highest quality and contains:

  • 5 Propcorn 'popped' prop reveals.
  • 5 special trading cards, made from 400gsm silk stock with matt finish.
  • A needed gimmick for making the kernel disappear (you may already have one, but we wanted to include it).
  • A teaspoon of popcorn kernels.
  • Velvet 'popcorn scented' carry bag for Kernels.  (These come in different colours, and it's pot luck what colour you get!)
  • Detailed video instructions and ideas.


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