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Tutt's Tomb is a reimagining of two classic children's magic tricks.  'Oh Mummy' and  'Farmyard Frolics'


You present a King Tutt's tiny tomb (because you can't say small sarcophagus) and ask the children if they want to see the mummy inside.  Upon inspection the Mummy isn't there, the tomb is empty!

You go through your monster file, looking through each of the monsters you have collected, until eventually you find the mummy.

The children make the mummy disappear, and send it back to its tomb, but looking again, it appears to be empty!

The Mummy appears from behind, but the magician fails to see it.

Eventually upon seeing it, the magician returns the mummy to it's tomb, but traps a bandage inside.

The bandage unravels to the children's delight, and when you look again the mummy is all nudie!  Of course, it's all in the best possible taste, but loads and loads of fun!

Tutt's Tomb

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